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Death Roll another amazing creation by the talented Behemot. This pin illustrates that life is shitty and its all a cycle of constant monotony. Death Roll comes in 6 Variant colors with Royal Buns being the online exclusive. The variants start off with Bloody Week a red glitter and rose gold version that illustrates what happens after some intense hard eating/ or TOM. Clean Wipe is the base variant in the traditional black and white style of all of Behemots pins. Number One is as yellow as well... number one. However, if you are this yellow please seek medical attention. Muddy Waters is the end results of eating that street taco from that shady looking cart at 2 AM... Now you are left with a mess of brown everywhere. Nuclear Nectar is a glow in the dark variant in green and its what happens when you eat at Chernobyls new In and Out!. Lastly, Rotal Buns is for the high and mighty of society, kings, and queens. This variant comes in white and gold with light glitter specks in the mix. A roll truly fit for royalty/ 

Variants Edition: 

Bloody Week LE 20

Clean Wipe LE 20

Number one LE 20

Muddy Water LE 20

Nuclear Nectar LE 10

Royal Buns LE 10


Pin information

> Hard Enamel Pin Badge 
> 1 inches 
> Includes rubber backing 
> Makes clothing and stuff look super rad 
> Avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes with it. 
>Soft Enamel
>Limted Edition! 
>Colors might vary in the final version.

Shipping Information.
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Death Roll - Life is shitty -

Death Roll - Life is shitty -

Muddy waters
Number 1