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From the mind of Behemot comes This adorable knife set. Get them both for you or share with those you love so much you'll like to stab them. 

 These come in 4 color variants! Which would you pick? 

Traditional Black and White, for the classy ones

Beautiful Rainbow, for the ones chasing a dream * 

Passionate Red, for those who love each other to death. 

Radioactive Green, for when not even poison can stop you.

 *Rainbow metal note*

The rainbow metal version is an anodized finished, not two pins will be alike due to the process of anodizing, also please note that this version will be soft enamel not hard enamel like the rest of the set. Proceed with caution. This set is also more expensive due to the process it takes.  

* As always please note that the final product might look different than the ones shown in the image. Production colors could be slightly off to the colors in the image due to conversion and the process pins are made. 

Pin information:

> Hard Enamel Pin Badge 
> 1.75 inches 
> Includes single Butterfly brochure 
> Makes clothing and stuff look super rad 
> Avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes with it. 
> Price is for two pin badge 
>Limted Edition! 
>Colors might vary in the final version.

Shipping Information.
Shipping information.Shipping inside the USA is at a base rate. Shipping will take 3-5 days to reach you. International Shipping will vary from country to country. Shipping will take up to 6 weeks to reach you. Please be patient it is coming just takes a little longer.
Love and Death Knife set Pin

Love and Death Knife set Pin

Passionate Red
Radioactive Green