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The king is back... But something is wrong with him! Occult Creations is proud to introduce the latest creation by Tovidayat Ghostzilla from his mashup series. This series wave inspired by the Godzilla X Ghost Rider mashup. This pin comes in 4 color variants, stands at 1.25 inches tall made in glorious hard enamel. 

The variants will be hard enamel with the purple one in soft with an epoxy coat to it. There is a set exclusive for this one and it will be the purple version. The purple is LE to just 15pcs the others are open for now. 

The OG Version - Will have a Glow effect on the fire and be Gold plated.  

The Blue Flames of Death - Will have Glitter on the Flames and be a lack Nickle Plated

The Negative Flame - Will have glitter on the white flame part only and be plated in Silver. 

The Purple Flames - Will be soft enamel with epoxy with a purple plated look. This one will be LE to just 15pcs and part of the set only. 

Pin information

> Hard Enamel Pin Badge 
> 1.25 inches 
> Includes rubber backing 
> Makes clothing and stuff look super rad 
> Avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes with it. 
>Limted Edition! 
>Colors might vary in the final version.

>Preorder item colors might change in the final version. Please make sure to note that when ordering. item will ship in May/June 


Shipping Information.
Shipping information.Shipping inside the USA is at a base rate. Shipping will take 3-5 days to reach you. International Shipping will vary from country to country. Shipping will take up to 6 weeks to reach you. Please be patient it is coming just takes a little longer.
Ghostzilla | Mashup Series

Ghostzilla | Mashup Series

Blue Falmes
Negative Flames