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Pumpkin Town Witch series

Pumpkin Town an original story and set of illustrations by talented artist Behemot comes the first pins in the Pumpkin Town series the Pumpkin Witch. With a limited run like all of  Behemots previous pins make sure to grab yours before they are gone!

This pin will come in two special color variants only available by them selfs. The White version is only available in the two pack.

Available flavors:
💚 Poisonous Venom
💜 Delicious Potion

Pin information
> Hard Enamel Pin Badge
> 1.5 inches
> Includes Butterfly brochure
> Makes clothing and stuff look super rad
> Avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes with it.
> Price is for one set
>?? Edition!
>Colors might vary in the final version.
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Pumpkin Witch enamel pin

Pumpkin Witch enamel pin

Venomous Green (B)
Poisonous Purple
D Grade Forest